Apple corrects false assumptions about Siri and iOS 14.5 upd

2021-03-05 11:32 admin 0

Apple iPhone users who have installed one of the iOS 14.5 developer previews have discovered something interesting. When they ask Siri to play music, the virtual assistant (via a pop-up window) asks the streaming music service to use from a list of possible titles. Initially, it was thought that Siri allowed iOS users to select a new default music player through a list of streaming music apps. After all, Apple recently allowed iOS users to choose the default browser and email application.

But according to TechCrunch, Apple has made it clear that when Siri asks you which music service you want to use, it is not to set a new default player. There is no default music player setting in iOS. According to Apple, what Siri is doing is using its intelligence-based features to learn your listening habits, including which streaming music player you prefer to use for certain types of music. Although Siri will eventually associate the type of song you listen to with a specific music streaming app, Apple says this is different from creating a default streaming for iOS.

Apple made it clear that Siri did not set a default streaming music application, so as not to confuse iPhone users who might think that Siri is helping them choose a new default streaming music player. In fact, Apple pointed out that Siri may repeatedly ask users to make choices as part of the assistant's intelligence gathering process. Just because you may use one streaming service to listen to Jazz and another streaming service to play Pop, but that doesn't mean you are bothered by these preferences. For example, you can say something like "Hey Siri, use Pandora to play popular music". If you initially choose Apple Music or Spotify to play Pop and then ask for Pandora, the next time you request music from Siri without naming a specific service, you may be asked to choose one again.

Apple is expected to release the final version of iOS 14.5 sometime in the spring.

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