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On June 18, Microsoft China announced that the new Surface Book 3 and Surface Wireless Noise Cancelling Smart Headset 2 were officially launched in the Chinese market. As the most powerful notebook computer in the Surface family so far, the Surface Book 3 provides a steady stream of strong performance support and is a right-hand man for work, entertainment and creation. The new Surface Wireless Noise Cancelling Smart Headphone 2 is equipped with Omnisonic sound effects and adjustable noise reduction functions to help users stay away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the nature.

With immediate effect, the new Surface Book 3 will be available in the Microsoft official store, the official Microsoft flagship store in China on Tmall, the Microsoft Leying store, the Microsoft Shengjie store, and the official flagship store of Microsoft JD, Suning, Suning, and Microsoft store-in-shop. Online and offline channels such as Microsoft authorized stores (click to check store information) and other online and offline channels are officially on sale, with a starting price of 12888 yuan. Commercial customers can choose Surface devices through authorized Surface resellers (click to find Microsoft Surface authorized resellers suitable for your business ), the business area of ??Microsoft's official mall and JD Microsoft's commercial self-operated flagship store are simultaneously on sale. The commercial version of Surface Book 3 starts at 13,288 yuan.

The new Surface Book 3-built for performance

The new Surface Book 3 is equipped with a tenth-generation Intel? Core? quad-core processor, optional the latest NVIDIA? GTX GeForce discrete graphics, built-in up to 1TB of storage space[1] and up to 32GB of memory, with strong performance and fast graphics Processing power. With the 13.5-inch and 15-inch PixelSense? touch screens, Surface Book 3 can bring you an immersive creation and gaming experience, provide plenty of motivation and strong support for your creativity, and help you easily turn grand ideas into reality. Surface Book 3 has a battery life of up to 17.5 hours[2], allowing you to work at any time when inspiration strikes. It is suitable for creators, designers, artists and engineers who have extremely high requirements for laptop performance. Excellent partner. In addition, with the help of a detachable touch screen, Surface Book 3 can switch freely among the three modes of laptop, tablet and portable studio, seamlessly connecting with your work style.

At the same time, the commercial version of Surface Book 3 will be on sale simultaneously. It provides a choice of NVIDIA? Quadro RTX 3000 professional discrete graphics cards in the 15-inch version, which is very suitable for artists and designers who have higher requirements for graphics processing capabilities. At the same time, its pre-installed Windows 10 Professional Edition and Microsoft 365[3] provide strong guarantee and support for the high security and efficient office required by enterprises. In addition, the Surface Book 3 commercial version also provides a 3-year limited hardware warranty. In addition, you can purchase up to a 4-year extended warranty or accidental warranty, which makes corporate IT maintenance costs lower and protects corporate investment.

Surface Wireless Noise Cancelling Smart Headphones 2-Start a new life of smart listening

The newly upgraded Surface Wireless Noise Cancelling Smart Headphones 2 are designed for long-lasting and comfortable wearing, better sound quality and longer battery life, helping you to start a new life of smart listening. It has two colors of titanium white gray and new elegant black for users to choose from [4], supports adjustable noise reduction function to help you shield background noise and isolate external interference; with enhanced Omnisonic speakers, the sound quality is full, thick and resounding Clear, bring you an unprecedented music and call experience.

Surface Wireless Noise Cancelling Smart Headset 2 uses intuitive touch operation. You can adjust the volume, skip tracks, answer and hang up calls, active noise reduction, etc. through touch, tap and dial control, and get convenient and comfortable Listening experience. At the same time, its battery life can last up to 20 hours[5], helping you to listen to the fullest and better immerse yourself in the world of music.

With immediate effect, the Surface Wireless Noise Cancelling Smart Headset 2 will be officially launched on online channels such as Microsoft official store, Microsoft China official flagship store on Tmall, Tmall authorized Microsoft store, and Microsoft JD’s self-operated official flagship store. The price is 1998 yuan.

Rich accessories to meet diverse needs

In order to meet the more personalized needs of consumers, Microsoft officially launched the new Surface Dock 2 and Microsoft USB Type-C Dock on June 18, and the Microsoft ergonomic desktop package also officially opened pre-sales and reservations today.

Surface Dock 2 can be connected to monitors, accessories and additional storage space to help you build the best working space. With a single tap, Surface Dock 2 can help you expand your work space, while bringing faster charging speeds, higher data transfer rates, and the enterprise management tools that everyone has always expected.

The Microsoft USB Type-C docking station is small, portable and unimpeded. It is designed for business people and provides you with five interfaces for high-speed data transmission, Internet connection, monitor connection, or large-screen projection in meeting rooms, etc. No matter where you are, the Microsoft USB Type-C docking station can bring you a high-quality experience and easily meet your mobile office needs.

Microsoft's ergonomic desktop suite can help you get higher productivity and a more comfortable office experience. The package uses a separate design keyboard, and is equipped with a padded palm rest and an ultra-precision mouse. It is also equipped with a padded thumb rest, which not only reduces fatigue, but also provides an excellent comfort and control experience.

Consumers can buy from online and offline channels such as Microsoft's official store, Microsoft's official flagship store in China on Tmall, Microsoft JD's self-operated official flagship store, and Microsoft authorized stores. The Surface Dock 2 is priced at 2,288 yuan and the new Microsoft USB Type -C docking station and the new Microsoft ergonomic desktop set are priced at 889 yuan and 729 yuan, respectively.

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